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Head of Economics and Community Development Galway County Council

The City of Galway is the engine of the Galway economy. It drives demand for all micro enterprise in the County. This relates to services such as food production and craft enterprises in the county which produce the goods that are sold in the city, creating annuity of revenue for Galway as a whole.


A strong and vibrant city creates a demand for products coming from Galway county. The growth of the city shapes the future for Co. Galway.


What Advice would you offer to a business considering the City of Galway as a location?

All businesses should research the supports offered by the IDA and Enterprise Ireland. There is a wide range of enterprise development supports available in the city for businesses of all sizes. If you are growing, moving or starting a business in the city, there is an abundance of supports available which offer peace of mind along with possible eminence and success of the company/business. The Galway county council and city council provide advice on planning implementation which is important to your business research. Along with this we have quite a large level of demographic figures on the city and the surrounding areas of the county which help us to advise businesses on the demographic changes and affecting factors that are happening in Galway, an example being the ‘age profile growth’. Through this, we provide essential market data research to businesses for no cost, vital and necessary information which is difficult to acquire.

When conducting their market research, I would advise the business to harness the positivity Galway offers internationally and how we are recognised as an amazing location socially and economically.

How would you describe Galway to someone who has never been here?

The Taoiseach has stated that Ireland is the best small country to trade and conduct business in, and I believe, amongst many others, that Galway is the best city within Ireland to operate business in.

From excellent graduates coming from our third level colleges to the clusters of biomedical, medical device and ICT companies already existing in the City, it is a prime location with all amenities at your fingertips.

Galway easily attracts employees to live here. There are exceptional facilities for families, along with a great lifestyle. The beauty of this city and county astounds many, offering a homey, unpretentious feeling for all tourists and residents.

Galway has proven to be an ideal location for business. This is made clearly evident when one examines the international companies that came here 30 years ago and still remain, to the new companies that are choosing to establish a business here due to Galway’s innovation, creativity and vibrancy.