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What advice could you offer to a business considering Galway?

Develop a vision and a sound and stable business plan, while listening to all practical advice donated to you. Keep visiting your primary business plan to ensure you have obtained your goals and stood by your ambitions. Always try and achieve your desires and do not be afraid of failure. Galway is a fabulous location to start in as it offers so much to any type of business, from big to small.


What support have you experienced from Galway City?

Ireland’s Raw Kitchen aims to provide and facilitate sharing of information, on the raw & living food lifestyle & events in Ireland. I think there are immense support structures in Galway, with great access to available resources and access to locations to host a business, through the council. We received a huge amount of support from The Galway Enterprise board, with two separate grants that helped us on our feet.


We received help from websites to machinery, premises to employment grants, all aspects of the business were nurtured through the helpful support of all bodies involved. The funding was essential to starting up and moving forward. We are a wholesaler and supply to a lot of businesses in Galway with our products, and the support we received has helped beyond measure to establish and maintain the business relationships we now have.


How would you describe Galway to someone who has never been here?

It is a vibrant city with a massive student and tourist population which supports the already booming culture element that exists in Galway. The influx of tourists supports all local business and seems to last longer than just the summer months. Galway is simply amazing, from the great lifestyle to the culture, not to mention the beauty of the city and county.