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Why did you establish your business in Galway?

Our business, One Page CRM, began in 2001 as my colleagues and I were living in the city at that time. Galway has proven to be a very positive location for our business, with networking occurring on a regular basis. I, along with my colleagues, formed a group called MoWAG – Mobile and Web Application Galway, which encourages networking within our sector, helping one another through a business environment. This is an example of what exists for potential businesses in Ireland, resulting in a massive ability to grow and expand in Galway. The City is a beautiful and exciting place to be economically involved in with our business.

What advice would you offer to a business considering the City of Galway as a location?

Galway City has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, which also translates into business. MoWAG is an example of this as we share and help one another resulting in an open network driven community for business. Galway’s comforting familiar feel operates openly and encourages engagement of companies located in and around the city.

There is never usually a sense of exclusion if you start a business in Galway and are not originally from the city. Support mechanisms have been set in place to refrain this from happening. In order to grow, a company may need assistance as it is difficult to succeed completely alone. We personally received support through the years, helping our business to expand and build long lasting and strong relationships with relevant bodies involved with the progression of Galway City.

When conducting their market research, I would advise the business to harness the positivity Galway offers internationally and how we are recognised as an amazing location socially and economically.

How would you describe Galway to someone who has never been here?

Galway’s compact setting has all major amenities nearly in walking distance, a rare feature for a city. Galway does not have a suffocating feel, as its open nature offers independence, even if familiarity and close set communities exist. Business developers recognise Galway as a educational hub, with excellent University facilities producing internationally recognised graduates.

The feel of life and vibrancy here is overwhelming. Life is equal to energy, and Galway is a city built on positive energy. It is a beautiful place on the foot of Connemara, and offers a beautiful experience to all that encounter it.