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Galway Transportation Unit (GTU)

Galway City Council established the Galway Transportation Unit (GTU) to develop and implement an Integrated Transport Solution for Galway City in accordance with best practice and the objectives outlined in Transport 21. Working in partnership with transport stakeholders in the City, the Integrated Transport Solution will be developed and implemented to promote increased use of public and non-car based transport services, overcome existing congestion and delays in the network and promote a sustainable transport system for Galway City.

Smarter Travel

The Galway Transportation Unit aims to develop public transportation and other travel modes to the extent that the City will become a model for a sustainable traffic system in an urban environment.

From 2010-2015 the Smarter Travel Team will be working on a range of measures to reduce congestion and encourage Smarter Travel

  • Development of a revised City Centre traffic management system to facilitate pedestrianisation and shared space schemes;
  • Working with stakeholders to increase enforcement of parking policy in the City Centre;
  • Reviewing parking policy and investigating the potential for introduction of a parking levy to finance public transport improvements;
  • Working with the NRA and our other stakeholders to upgrade existing roundabouts in the City area to signalised junctions;
  • Introduce 30kph zones in Galway City Centre and in Bearna and Órán Mór;
  • Secure delivery of an Urban Traffic Control Centre.

Download our PDF with more detailed information on traffic control measures which are in the process of implementation