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Why did you establish your business in Galway?

I came to Galway originally as a student. My passion for Galway grew because of it’s great lifestyle and culture, its beauty and its friendly and lively atmosphere. It was somewhere I could see myself having a business and staying for good. It is a fantastic city, with a booming student population that is a positive for my business. All the festivals and tourists contribute to a great inflow of culture and the consistent lively atmosphere lasts all year, and doesn’t diminish as the months go by.

What advice would you offer to a business considering the City of Galway as a location?

The most significant and striking experience I have had in relation to my business is when supportive structures by the Galway City Council were set in place to pedestrianise the street in front of, before and after where my bar and restaurant are located. It offers so much to my business and the other establishments surrounding the area by having walking access to the streets for both the residents and the tourists, as the number of pedestrians has always outnumbered the amount of cars that once used the street as a road.

The atmosphere of the surrounding area completely transformed following the decision to change the street. It has assisted in making the city even more of a vibrant location, as pedestrians can now stand, eat, drink, listen to music, dance and enjoy the in and out flow of people everyday. The positive decisions that have been undertaken, infrastructure wise, have been very helpful in the promotion of business in the city centre.

How would you describe Galway to someone who has never been here?

It is a city renowned for being the cultural capital of Ireland, and is the centre point for the arts. Galway is a city by the sea, adding to the immense beauty that already exists. Along with the beauty of Galway, it is a city built on madness, with crazy ‘shenanigans’ occurring constantly on the streets, something the local residents have become accustomed to in their day-to-day lives.