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Galway City Council is the local authority for the city and, is the only agency with a specific city brief around economic development and enterprise support. Our role is to provide the infrastructure and services that businesses require in order to base themselves here and that can be on a number of fronts; infrastructure, transport and water services.

We make sure the city is seen in a certain light. We develop the master plan of the city and where it is going.

Water services for example are directly line managed by Galway City Council, and from a business point of view, whether you have a small or big requirement, roads and water services are there for you. On the planning side, we can help you with providing the right requirements from where you can operate and making sure systems are in place. As we have to regulate all planning, we offer advisory services from a planning perspective, helping you find the location that bests suits your needs and services. The waste management, community and enterprise infrastructure is vital to the City. We supply all data and information on services and facilities in Galway for those who seek the information. This contributes to how we view the city.

The City of Galway has a long history of local self-government. Galway City Council is the body which administers Local Government in the City and as a local authority, performs two roles:

The Representational Role is performed directly by the elected members of the Council.

The Operational / Executive Role is performed by the Council staff, under the leadership of The City Manager and Management Team.

Mayor of Galway City

The Mayor is elected from the membership of the council at a statutory meeting of the City Council which is held in June each year.

There are 15 elected members who are elected from three local electoral areas in Galway City

  •  Galway City East- 6 Councillors
  • Galway City Central- 4 Councillors
  • Galway City West Ward – 5 Councillors

Strategic Policy Committees

Draw on the knowledge and expertise of people working with social, economic, cultural and environmental bodies throughout Galway City.

The City Council have 5 Strategic Policy Committees

  • Housing
  • Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Economic Development and Planning
  • Environment
  • Recreation, Amenity and Culture.