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White Irish 74%
Other White 14%
Black or Black Irish 4%
Asian or Asian Irish 3%
Irish Traveller 2%
Not Stated 2%
Other 1%

Galway is recognised internationally as a city which celebrates diversity. Over time, our City has become an intercultural city, enabling the process of effective and positive communication to make Galway a more prosperous place to live and work. It is important that the City acknowledges and celebrates the differences of others. Unity within Galway City is a must for the future.

The Galway City Development Board established a working group to progress “A City of Equals” Promoting an Intercultural City community.

The group created a City Engagement Framework in 2009 to establish the key issues emerging from the people of Galway relating to interculturalism. This consultation involved a range of primary and secondary research models as well as public consultations, world café events and public submissions.

Galway is a Multicultural city that acknowledges and celebrates the differences between others. Becoming an equal city is vital and important for the growth and future of Galway. For more information on this, please click on the link below

A City of Equals, Promoting an Intercultural City. Download PDF