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Galway City Council is the Planning Authority for the City. The aim of the Planning Department is to have in place a system of physical planning capable of meeting the economic, social and sustainable development of the city.


The main areas that the Planning Department deals with are

  • Planning Control
  • Forward Planning
  • Planning Enforcement
  • Building Control

The Galway City Development Plan is a blueprint for the planning and development of the Galway City for the next six years. For example, it sets out where roads, water supplies, sewage are to be provided and it zones land for a particular purpose (housing, shopping, schools, industry, commercial etc.). This will affect what type of buildings can be constructed and the use to which land can be put. It affects many facets of daily economic and social life – where you can live, what services are available and where developments with job opportunities are to be sited.

City Development Plan

The City Development Plan includes objectives for zoning of areas for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural purposes; preserving, improving and extending amenities.

  • Conservation and protection of the environment, including areas of archaeological or natural heritage;
  • Preservation of structures or parts of structures, which are of special architectural, archaeological, artistic, cultural, scientific or technical interest.
  • The preservation of the character of Architectural Conservation Areas.
  • Development and renewal of areas in need of regeneration;
  • Provision of water supplies and sewage services, waste recovery and disposal facilities;
  • Provision of accommodation for Travellers;
  • Provision of services for the community

Building Control

Galway City Council is the Building Control Authority for the City of Galway. Building Control should not be confused with Planning Control which enforces the Planning Conditions for a Development.

The role of the Section in relation to building control involves the monitoring of building construction activity in the City to secure the health, safety and welfare (including fire safety) of people in and around buildings.

Also to ensure the provision of access for people with disabilities and to further the conservation of fuel and energy in relation to buildings. The Building Control Officer in Galway City Council helps to promote local awareness of the Current Building Regulations and to help you achieve Compliance.


Building Control Officer, Planning Section, Galway City Council, City Hall, College Road, Galway.