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Population Profile

Galway City has had the title of fastest growing city in Europe and in the 2011 census it consisted of 75,529 people. In the tables below one can see that the City’s population grew at a rate of over 10 percent in 4 years. This is on top of a 15% growth between 1996 and 2002. There are a further 62,238 people who live within 30 minutes drive of the city centre.

Almost 60% of Galway City’s population is between the ages of 15 to 44 according to the  census. If you look at the 15 to 24 age grouping, 30% of the population are in this age range. Approximately half the population over the age of 15 is at work and a further 17% are students.  Galway City has a high proportion of people who describe themselves as part of the socio-economic classes of professional &/or manager and technical – approx 40%.

Galway City also has a high level of education within the population. Of those who have finished their education over 40% have achieved qualifications at 3rd level institutes.





Principal Economic Status

At Work 50%
Looking for 1st Job 1%
Unemployed 11%
Student 18%
Looking After Family Home 6%
Retired 10%
Unable to Work 3%
Other 1%

Social Class

Professional Workers 10%
Managerial & Technical 25%
Non Manual 14%
Skilled Manual 10%
Semi Skilled 10%
Unskilled 3%
Others Gainfully Occupied and Unknown 28%

Socio-Economic Group

Employers and Managers 24%
Unskilled 4%
Own Account Workers 5%
Higher Professionals 10%
Lower Professionals 13%
Non Manual 18%
Manual Skilled 5%
Semi Skilled 8%