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Commercial Licences

Galway City Council aims to protect, enhance and conserve the natural environment of Galway City and to encourage a litter and pollution free culture.

There are a number of areas which may require an environmental license when doing business in Galway.

Water Pollution Discharge Licences are issued under Section 4 and Section 16 of the Local Government Water Pollution Act 1977 and 1990, in order to allow companies and other bodies to discharge a controlled amount of trade effluent to a public sewer, surface waters or ground waters.

Water Quality

The drinking water treated and distributed by the City Council is monitored for key parameters at the laboratory in the Water Treatment Plant at Terryland, Galway. The City Council also utilise the services of the Public Analysts Lab and the Mircobiology Lab in UCHG to independently analyse water samples submitted by the City Council under Drinking Water Regulations. The Local Authorities, the E.P.A. and the Fisheries Boards have been charged with ensuring that water quality is preserved and protected on a national level.

For a full list of regulations & licences, including details on Galway City Council’s waste management strategy and water services investment programmes please go to

Commercial Water

In line with the Water Services Pricing Policy of the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government all non-domestic consumers of water are to be charged by Local Authorities for water and waste water services. This is in accordance with EU requirements and the “Polluter Pays Policy”. There are no exceptions to this policy. The policy will ensure that non domestic consumers will enjoy the benefit of a fair and equitable charging system, in that they will only pay for water that they use. The charge will only relate to the non-domestic sector and it is also expected that the metering project will encourage water conservation and so reduce the cost of water provision.

In order to comply with the above legislation Veolia Water Consortium has been appointed as a Private Service Provider for the Galway City Non Domestic Water Metering Project.


Veolia Water, Tuam Road, Galway.

Tel: 091 767570

Waste Management

Galway City Council has responsibility for the enforcement of waste management regulations, including management and investigation of complaints and ensuring producer responsibility and compliance under the various regulations.

The enforcement role in Galway City Council is carried out by authorised officers, appointed and conferred with powers under the Waste Management Acts 1996, with the aim of ensuring compliance with the law.